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Violet A-U-M 10ml Roll-On Blend

Colour Energy

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Violet A-U-M essential oil roll-on.
Violet A-U-M 10ml Roll-On Blend

Colour Your Mood, Violet, A-U-M Roll-On, 10ml/.35 oz blend.

A-U-M: Enhance your meditation and prayers with this angelic blend of sacred oils. Be one with your divine deity and experience a higher state of consciousness by fostering a spiritual space of gratitude.

INGREDIENTS: Essential oils of Lavender, Champa, Camphor, Jasmine, and Frankincense in organic jojoba.

Colour Your Mood blend roll-ons have been created to support the body, mind & spirit on multiple levels.

These aromatic, all natural, perfume oils, blended in organic Jojoba oil, are sure to spice up, calm down or transform any occasion. Wear as a daily energy perfume or to support a chakra centre.

These essential oil blends are all natural, colour-coded formulas, free from additives, alcohols, chemical fragrances, and preservatives.

See also: Colour Your Mood 100% Pure Essential Oil Mixes, in 5ml bottles.

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