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Pink Cosmic Chakra Blend

Colour Energy

Regular price $11.99
Pink Cosmic Chakra Blend with Palmarosa and Rose essential oils blended in Jojoba Oil.
Essential oil chakra blends.
Essential oil chakra blends samples.

Pink Cosmic Chakra Blend 10ml with Palmarosa and Rose essential oils blended in Jojoba Oil.

Colour Energy's Chakra Blend's purpose is to take like-minded oils and put them together to increase or intensify a desired effect. Blended with organic jojoba carrier oil–ready to apply directly onto the skin.

Their power is further amplified by only using oils in the same colour frequency. Created by our aromatherapists and colour therapy experts.

Available in 10ml/.35oz bottles for $11.99 and 1ml/.035oz sampler sizes for $1.99.

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