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How to Build a Study Routine from Day 1

Maria Koropecky

If you're looking to start the new school year off on the right foot, here are some ideas to help you build a study routine.

When I went back to school to learn esthetics at age 40, a lot had changed in the world of education. Back in my day, different learning styles weren't considered and a lot of people didn't get what was being taught simply because their brains weren't wired in a traditional way.

But nowadays, subjects are being delivered in various ways so visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners can receive the information in whatever way best suits them, which is great!

Spa school was fun because we did craft projects, we made up songs, we gave presentations, and we always had a scented candle burning in the classroom!

So, while I was attending school, the pace was intense and we were being tested every week so I came up with my own methods to help me retain the new information I was learning.

Here are my suggestions to help you build your study routine from day one. Hopefully, if you practice good study habits all year, you'll cruise through your tests and exams like a rock star and you'll pass with flying colours!

1. Make study cards.

When I was in school, I transferred all of my notes on to index cards but instead of re-writing everything word for word, I drew short-hand symbols using different coloured pens. For me, writing things down in a creative and artistic way helped me anchor the information better.

2. Listen to instrumental music while studying.

While I was making my study cards, I made sure to listen to music that had no lyrics. I liked Latin or Classical or Spa Music. I heard once that listening to music while studying helps your brain remember things better and if you listen to the music again during exams, your recall is better. We have two CD's to choose from: "Crystal Light" and "Through the Rainbow."

3. Burn beeswax candles.

Just like listening to music, having a ritual of lighting a candle can help prepare your environment for studying. It's a way of clearing the air and setting the tone for the task at hand. We have lovely beeswax candles here for sale at Cruising into Wellness.

4. Use essential oils.

Smells and aromas are linked to memory. Why not add an aromatic component to your studying? If the above beeswax candles aren't enough, consider using essential oils. Maybe have a different essential oil for different subjects? Check out our diffusers and our selection of pure mix essential oils or blends. Hint: There's an old saying that says "Rosemary is for memory."

5. Wear a study uniform.

I read that when Jerry Seinfeld puts on his blazer before a performance, it's a signal to himself that he's on, and it's time for him to work, and somehow he knocks it out of the park. I think that's a good idea and I invite you to find a piece of clothing like a scarf, or a hat, or computer glasses, or a piece of jewellery, and wear them while you're studying. You'll come to associate your piece of clothing or uniform with studying which may help you learn.

6. Put some crystals on your study desk.

Back in the 1980's, people used to have Pet Rocks. I guess they were clever paper weights. Even though Pet Rocks aren't a thing anymore, people still enjoy collecting rocks and displaying them around their home. Rocks can be used as touchstones to help remind us of our goals so choose some colourful rocks, gemstones, or crystals to help you stay on course throughout the year. We have some gemstone jewellery and single crystals that you might like.

7. Hire a life coach.

If you like to set goals and have a vision for a stellar school year, consider talking with a wellness coach on a regular basis. Aside from being a wellness entrepreneur and esthetician, I'm also a wellness coach and I'd be happy to be on your team. Visit the wellness coaching category in this online store for more information.

Here's to a wonderful start to the school year! I hope you learn a lot and have fun along the way.




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