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Welcome Aboard our Cruising Into Wellness Online Store!

At Cruising into Wellness, we're all about living the good life! Here you'll find all kinds of unique treasures that will help you enjoy a more active lifestyle and be more proactive about your health and wellness.

We sell:

* Gemstones & Jewellery

* Essential Oils & Diffusers

* Colour Bath Pigments

* Colour-Tinted Eyewear

* Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish

* Ideas & Supplies for DIY Spa Products & Wellness Gifts

...and so much more.

Shop by product or by colour. You may have noticed we have a:

Red Day, Orange Day, & Yellow Day, Green Day, & Pink Day, &  Blue Day, &  Indigo Day, &  Violet Day, & White Day, & Rainbow Day collections!

Check out our Kits & Sets to save money!

BTW, our DIY Collection is Fabulous, too! If you like do-it-yourself projects and making things for your home with your own two hands, here are the supplies that will help you create your own spa products, cosmetics, and hostess gifts.

We have essential oils, carrier oils, spa salts, and the containers to put them in! Your own DIY recipes and creations will make heartwarming gifts. Get creative and have fun!

Let's Connect!

We're all about connecting with our customers. If you have any questions about our products and if you'd like more personal service, please make an appointment, Monday to Saturday, during regular business hours, Pacific Time, and let's connect on Skype. Find me at mariakoropecky.